Renewable, Reliable, Responsible Electricity for Ann Arbor

Ann Arbor for Public Power is a coalition of local residents and organizations advocating for a 100% renewable, public-owned electric utility for our city. Join us in the fight for a cleaner, more affordable future for Ann Arbor!

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Washtenaw County Democratic Party endorses A2P2’s campaign for Ann Arbor to build its own public electric utility!

September 9, 2023

The Washtenaw County Democratic Party has approved a resolution to endorse and support the goals of Ann Arbor for Public Power in replacing DTE with a full public electric utility. To read the entire resolution, click here.

“It’s time for public power in A2”

by Zackariah Farah, published in Washtenaw Jewish News

September 28, 2023

“When DTE outages occur, the economic costs are enormous. A recent report found that the economic losses due to outages were about $3.5 billion statewide. And it’s no wonder why that staggering figure is so high; when the power goes out, remote workers can’t do their jobs, businesses are forced to close down, and large amounts of food and medicine spoil. Other losses are harder to calculate.

The elderly and disabled can’t use their AC and heating in extreme temperatures, nor can they power vital medical devices, and tragically, every year there are fatalities caused by downed wires. At the end of the day, we all pay for DTE’s mismanagement.”

The full article can be found here.

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