Put Ann Arbor’s Power in Our Hands

Check the label for “community-owned.”
DTE ‘s community solar is not owned by the community!

Our response to climate change requires a rapid and comprehensive shift to an all-electric future, powered by renewable energy, improved efficiency, and decentralized resilient infrastructure. DTE, a monopoly investor-owned utility (IOU), pursues shareholder profit, defers infrastructure investment, and plans to continue to rely on fossil fuels through 2050. They also use our utility payments to thwart our climate goals in Lansing. We cannot wait for climate action.

It is time for us to create a municipal utility (muni) for Ann Arbor. A community-owned utility (COU) that delivers more reliable electricity, at lower cost, sourced from renewable energy. The only way to meet our A2 Zero goals of 100% renewable energy by 2030 at speed and at scale is to literally take the power into our own hands. Please join us to take control of our energy future. We can get to A2 Zero, with public power. 

A2P2 Fundraiser on NeighborSquad.TV, Sep 9, 2021

Sean McBrearty, Clean Water Action

State Senator, Jeff Irwin

State representative, Yousef Rabhi

Municipal Power Makes a Difference

Our People Power Coalition