Renewable, Reliable, Responsible Electricity for Ann Arbor

Ann Arbor for Public Power is a coalition of local residents and organizations advocating for a 100% renewable, public-owned electric utility for our city. Join us in the fight for a cleaner, more affordable future for Ann Arbor!

How do we achieve a public power utility in Ann Arbor?

Click on the link below to download and share the Roadmap to a Public Power Utility! And for more information on the specifics of building a municipal utility, check out our FAQ page.

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Did DTE go dark on you too? Let’s hear the details.


Unreliable service, unaffordable rates: Ann Arbor coalition aims to municipalize electricity

Andrew Wright, People’s World

March 6, 2024 — “When you listen to what they’re telling their shareholders, you get the whole truth,” President and co-founder Greg Woodring of Ann Arbor for Public Power told People’s World. “In their shareholder meeting on Feb. 23, 2023—after the ice storm that year—DTE actually bragged to their shareholders about how they saved $100 million that year by focusing on tree trimming, and planned to continue to defer maintenance and cut back on contractors in order to increase profit margins.” Read More.

UM’s Justin Schott Supports New Feasibility Study for a Municipal Electric Utility in Ann Arbor

Remarks before Ann Arbor City Council, Feb 5, 2024  

“The City estimated that last winter’s ice storm, which kept my daughter—and maybe yours,  too–out of school for six days, cost our local government $2 million. The Fire Department  stated it “had no means of emergency communication with DTE. During both events, DTE’s  primary reporting phone number, public safety online portal, and “emergency” call number  were offline or ineffective.” The only thing reliable about DTE is its ineptitude.” Read the rest of the article here.

‘Energy is central to our lives:’ Ann Arbor group releases proposal on city-owned power system

Sarah Parlette, ClickOnDetroit — 2/11/2024

A Tree Town coalition calling for city-owned electric power has released a proposal detailing how the municipal utility would be governed.

Ann Arbor for Public Power (A2P2) has been advocating for a completely renewable and public-owned electric utility system. The nonprofit is made up of residents and organizations hoping to move away from using investor-owned power companies.

Ann Arbor for Public Power calls for phase two feasibility study

Brock McIntyre, The Michigan Daily — 1/28/2024

“Ann Arbor for Public Power officially asked the city of Ann Arbor to take the next step towards establishing municipal public power on Jan. 17. The organization released a comprehensive plan outlining what they believe are the next steps in analyzing the city’s power infrastructure, known as a phase two feasibility study. 

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