Renewable, Reliable, Responsible Electricity for Ann Arbor

Ann Arbor for Public Power is a coalition of local residents and organizations advocating for a 100% renewable, public-owned electric utility for our city. Join us in the fight for a cleaner, more affordable future for Ann Arbor!

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This year, A2P2 joined 2024 Ann Arbor Jaycees Fourth of July parade to advocate for our goal of a public-owned electric utility. Want to get involved in similar events? Fill out our volunteer form.

Why Public Power?

At our annual Earth Day celebration, we asked members why they support public power in Ann Arbor. Check back for more videos coming soon!

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Did DTE go dark on you too? Let’s hear the details.


‘I’m Getting Tired…’: Rashida Tlaib Rails Against DTE Energy’s ‘Corporate Greed’

Forbes, 6/27/24

DTE tells investors that fossil fuels are the future

Ann Arbor for Public Power – 4/27/24

In DTE’s April 25 “earnings call” for investors, DTE Energy CEO Jerry Norcia doubled down on fossil fuels. In 2022, DTE replaced its St. Clair coal plant with fossil gas, and it plans to convert the Belle River coal plant to gas by 2028. As for the massive Monroe coal plant, which DTE has agreed to close in 2032: “what we’re pursuing there is current technology, where we can use natural gas with carbon capture and storage.” That seems to be the plan beyond 2032, too. “The growth [in power] demand that we’re looking at, like data centers [for AI], are 24 by 7 operations, that will need generation, and power, that cannot be interrupted,” Norcia said. “More 24 by 7 dispatchable generation.”

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Unreliable service, unaffordable rates: Ann Arbor coalition aims to municipalize electricity

Andrew Wright, People’s World

March 6, 2024 — “When you listen to what they’re telling their shareholders, you get the whole truth,” President and co-founder Greg Woodring of Ann Arbor for Public Power told People’s World. “In their shareholder meeting on Feb. 23, 2023—after the ice storm that year—DTE actually bragged to their shareholders about how they saved $100 million that year by focusing on tree trimming, and planned to continue to defer maintenance and cut back on contractors in order to increase profit margins.” Read More.

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