Powered by Renewables.

Ann Arbor has a goal of 100% renewable energy by 2030. DTE’s goal is to divest from coal by 2040 and they have no plan to eliminate fracked gas. Instead, they invested a billion dollars in building a new gas plant that broke ground in 2019, and have close to $300 million invested in eight gas pipeline projects around the country. Municipal utilities have cut CO2 emissions by 33% over the past 12 years, a better record than the IOUs including DTE. There has been a critique that no new municipal utility has been implemented in Michigan in 100 years. What a tremendous opportunity to shape our muni with 21st-century goals in mind. We can put our A2 Zero goals in the mission statement of our community-owned utility. We can, over time, invest in microgrids, buried electric lines, neighborhood-scale geothermal, unlimited rooftop and brownfield solar. With ever-improving technology and falling prices for renewables, we can expect to invest in distributed generation and get to our 2030 goals. When we have built as much renewable generation and used it as efficiently as possible, we can get the rest of the way to the 2030 goal with power purchase agreements (PPAs). Municipal utilities can buy solar and wind generated electricity on the Midcontent Independent System Operator electric grid.